Frequently Asked Questions on Market Republic


How do I create an account to start shopping?

To start shopping on Market Republic, simply create an account here

I have created an account already, how do I log in?

To sign into Market Republic, click here and provide your email address and password

I forgot my account’s password, what should I do?

If you lost your account’s password, click here and provide your email address, we will send you a link for password reset

Why is it necessary to create an account before shopping on Market Republic?

In order to have a perfect shopping experience on Market Republic, improved onsite recommendations, faster checkout on subsequent orders and a better customer service on every order, you are required to create an account on Market Republic


How do I add products to my shopping cart?

Simply browse through the different categories or use the search button to locate the product(s) you want, then select the cart icon or “Add To Cart” button and that particular product would be added to your shopping cart. You can also select how many of the product(s) you want.

How do I view the product(s) I have added to my shopping cart?

By clicking on the cart icon on the top of the page, you can view the number of products already in your cart, their prices and the total cost. You can then proceed to checkout if you are done with shopping or return to select more products

Can I save products that I would like to purchase later?

YES! Each product listed on Market Republic comes with a heart-shaped icon, which when selected would save that particular product to your wish list. You can add as many products as you want on your wish list and check back on them by selecting the heart-shaped Icon on top of the page

Why are there varying prices for the same product on Market Republic?

Market Republic is an online marketplace. Apart from products which we indicated are listed by us, we also allow other sellers/merchants from various marketplaces to list their products and compete for customers’ patronage. So it is possible to see a particular product listed at different prices by different sellers. By doing so, we provide customers with wider product range, better choice and lower prices

How do I know which seller to trust?

For your protection on Market Republic, we verify each seller before they are allowed to list products on the platform and monitor their behavior afterwards. Also you can check out each sellers rating and review before deciding to buy from them. Sellers with higher rating and reviews indicate more trustworthiness. Also sellers with very high repute in dealing with customers are given a special badge on Market Republic


How do I pay for my order(s) on Market Republic?

We have provided various means of payment for your order(s), majorly Online Payments. For easy and seamless processing and delivery of your order(s), it is in our customer’s best interest to pay online at checkout using any of the provided options – You can pay using your ATM/Debit/Credit cards, Online Bank transfer or Bank deposit. Paying online will help us keep your money safe and refund you in case anything goes wrong.

Should I pay to the Seller’s personal account?

In a case where a seller asks you to pay into his/her personally account, you can do so after due verification and solely at your discretion.


How do I check the current status of my order(s)?

You can log-in to your account and go to Orders to view all information about your orders


How do I become a merchant/seller on Market Republic?

To know more about becoming a seller on Market Republic, visit the Become a partner merchant page or select start selling on top of the page

Can I sell used or refurbished items on Market Republic? How about 'replicas'?

Used, refurbished and ‘replicas’ are not allowed for sale on the marketplace platform! Any seller that flaunts this rule will be prohibited from selling on the platform.